Friday, October 19, 2012

A Feature, A Giveaway, & A Lot of New Projects

The October giveaway is over, and congratulations to the winner Ms. Jolene D.!   (woot woot!)

Also, geekyGAMERgirl is lucky enough to be featured on the blog!  There is a cute little piece including an interview with yours truly, and a giveaway for one item from the gGg Etsy shop!  Check it out!

Remember this guy?

Nerd bunny extraordinaire!  Well, we recently had a chat and he told me that Sylvanas talks too much for his taste.  He'd rather live somewhere where his impeccable math skills are more appreciated.  So he will be joining the plush force for sale on the Etsy shop!    He is felt and safety eyes, hand sewn and embroidered, and weighed down with rice for easy standing!

The last few weeks I have been working with a customer on a custom dragon trio.  Finally finished!!  Here is the end product.

More pics of the others on the geekyGAMERgirl FB! (Don't forget to LIKE!)

More additions are coming to the shop, as well!  We have a new Fuzz-Bun looking for a home, as well as new "Supplies" section where I will be selling off supplies I no longer need, or gallon bags full of faux fur scraps and samples.  Great for scrapbooking, small projects, ect.!

A New Game!

In an effort to keep things fun (because I love keeping things fun, who doesn't?), I'm introducing the "What IS That?" game on the geekyGAMERgirl Blogger!  Occasionally I will post a picture of a partially completed project, and if you can guess the character or monster the plush will be first in a comment on the blog, you win a 10% off coupon to the geekyGAMERgirl Plush Etsy store, as well as all the glory and bragging rights that come with being a winner! 

The plush will never be a new monster creation, it will always be a monster I have created before OR a character from a popular show/movie/cartoon.  I will also always give two clues!  If no one gets it after 24 hours, the answer will be revealed with no winner.  Ready for the first edition of "What IS That?"

What IS that?!

1.  My number is 133!
2. When I grow up, I can be one of seven different things!  

What am I?


  1. This is a wonderful idea! I'm pretty sure this little guy is eevee cause he can evolve into 7 different things and his number is 133!

    1. Just noticed that I commented a few days after you posted this does it still count?

  2. Sure, why not? You got it right! It's an eevee. Her pics will be up next post! Just send an email requesting your 10% off code to and I'll get it right out to you!