Friday, November 2, 2012

November Giveaway

Hello everyone!  So, as you know the answer to the last "What IS That?"  game was Eevee!

Eevee was hand and machine sewn.  She has a minky brown short faux fur coat, with a white 1" faux fur ruff and tail.  Her face is hand sewn on felt!  Her legs are wire lined for stability and posing, and she is stuffed with poyfil.  She will be in the store fairly soon!  Next in the works is her sister Flareon!

Well, the November giveaway is a few days late but that is because I am in the middle of buying my first house (hooray!).  But here it is!  Since I have been very busy with home purchasing dealings, and because the holiday season is fast approaching and we can all use a little help buying gifts, I'm taking the easy route this month.  Let's do a $10 gift card to the winner of this month's giveaway!  

Ends 11/15/2012.  Open worldwide. All entries verified. $10 Amazon gift card to be delivered via email.  

Friday, October 19, 2012

A Feature, A Giveaway, & A Lot of New Projects

The October giveaway is over, and congratulations to the winner Ms. Jolene D.!   (woot woot!)

Also, geekyGAMERgirl is lucky enough to be featured on the blog!  There is a cute little piece including an interview with yours truly, and a giveaway for one item from the gGg Etsy shop!  Check it out!

Remember this guy?

Nerd bunny extraordinaire!  Well, we recently had a chat and he told me that Sylvanas talks too much for his taste.  He'd rather live somewhere where his impeccable math skills are more appreciated.  So he will be joining the plush force for sale on the Etsy shop!    He is felt and safety eyes, hand sewn and embroidered, and weighed down with rice for easy standing!

The last few weeks I have been working with a customer on a custom dragon trio.  Finally finished!!  Here is the end product.

More pics of the others on the geekyGAMERgirl FB! (Don't forget to LIKE!)

More additions are coming to the shop, as well!  We have a new Fuzz-Bun looking for a home, as well as new "Supplies" section where I will be selling off supplies I no longer need, or gallon bags full of faux fur scraps and samples.  Great for scrapbooking, small projects, ect.!

A New Game!

In an effort to keep things fun (because I love keeping things fun, who doesn't?), I'm introducing the "What IS That?" game on the geekyGAMERgirl Blogger!  Occasionally I will post a picture of a partially completed project, and if you can guess the character or monster the plush will be first in a comment on the blog, you win a 10% off coupon to the geekyGAMERgirl Plush Etsy store, as well as all the glory and bragging rights that come with being a winner! 

The plush will never be a new monster creation, it will always be a monster I have created before OR a character from a popular show/movie/cartoon.  I will also always give two clues!  If no one gets it after 24 hours, the answer will be revealed with no winner.  Ready for the first edition of "What IS That?"

What IS that?!

1.  My number is 133!
2. When I grow up, I can be one of seven different things!  

What am I?

Friday, September 28, 2012

October Fuzz-Bun Monster Giveaway!

This past week has been absolutely nuts and my life has decided to do a complete 180 on me, so sorry for the lack of updates!!  I have been merrily sewing away my Kickstarter projects, which are nearly complete and I expect to send all of them that I have received sketches/orders for by mid October (yay!).  Going to do my first shipment tomorrow.  

I have been working on my animal collection, as well!  Some of you may recognize this guy from the Facebook or Etsy shop.

This is Dandy the Lion!  My husband named him.  He is a button jointed lion plush.  He is made of anti-pill polar fleece, vintage buttons, and has a fabric scrap mane.  He is up for sale at the Etsy shop now.  His giraffe friend will follow later this week, once the last pattern kink is fixed!

I'm planning on making a free pattern page some time in the near future (hopefully by Christmas) once I get a few more original patterns created. 

On to what everyone here REALLY cares about... October giveaway! By popular vote, a new 5" monster was created for this month's giveaway.  I give to you, the Fuzz-Bun Monster!

His body is 5" tall, with 6" ears.  His ears are wire lined, so they can be posed!  He is stuffed with poly-fil, and rice for weight.  Hand and machine sewn!!  If you don't like your chances of winning this giveaway, I will be adding two Fuzz-Buns to the Etsy shop on 10/3/2012 for 28 USD each!  Remember, each entry is verified.  If your entry is invalid, another winner will be chosen! Open worldwide, hosted by geekyGAMERgirl Plush Etsy!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Small Vacation, and Various Projects

Well as you all have probably noticed, I've been taking a mini vacation this week. Nothing new up in the store, and not much blog-wise either. This is because it's my son's second birthday this week, and I am really busy doing party prep for this weekend. He wanted a pikachu and mario themed party... that's my boy!

 I have been working on a custom order and a couple new patterns, as well as making some plushes for my December show (some vacation, right?). I finished my monster swap as well! My partner liked the Bride of Frankenstein, so I had to make her a doll.

I'm planning on adding dolls to the shop, I have a couple designs in the works.  But they are very labor intense and time consuming, so just a few.

The Kickstarter thank you's have been up about a week now!  Find your name on the list if you haven't already and you participated in "Plush Monster Mania".

I have noticed that many people, (mainly the ones who inquire about custom orders), are interested in animal plushes as well, just with a geekyGAMERgirl style twist.  (Wasn't aware I had a style, but someone told me it's eccentric and unique...)  So I am beginning pattern design on a few animals.  I will add a separate section to the store for these guys when I have some patterns ready and plushes made.

And here are some of the first plushes I have made for my December show!  Whales!  I will post one or two in the shop in the new plush section when I have about 10 made for my show stockpile. There are two without the mouth and fins attached, and one with in the photos.  Not great pictures, but it was about 1 AM. You can also see my new sewing cabinet with machine (THANK YOU KICKSTARTER!).  It's used... but it was a $700 machine new and can do anything I want it to and came with a serger!  And replacement parts aren't hard to find.  I learned the ins and outs of it in about two days, which is pretty good seeing as I haven't ever had this high end of a machine before!  

If my show goes well in December, I may be able to get an embroidery machine, as well!  

Monday, September 3, 2012

Kickstarter Update

Hooray! I made my stretch goal for the geekyGAMERgirl Kickstarter project! I am compiling a list of names for the blog and Facebook thank you list, and will be posting that shortly. Currently I'm trying to gather backer surveys so I can fulfill their reward orders and make tons of plushies in the next few weeks, after my funds are released from Amazon. I've been busy taking a few days off from the shop to do some personal things, such as prepare for my son's second birthday (which is the 12th), and complete a couple of personal craft swap projects through There was an organized Monster Swap... I had to participate. It was fate! Pictures from that will be posted once I get everything in the mail to my partner on Wednesday. Also, you may have noticed a difference in the geekyGAMERgirl designs on the blog, FB, Youtube, ect. I'm mid-redesign. Please bear with me as I get a hang of Photoshop! I have a couple of other graphics to update, and it may be mismatched for a couple of days as I get my ducks in a row. Don't forget to enter in this month's giveaway if you haven't already! Remember, all entries are verified! I'll be back to monster making tomorrow, and next blog will probably be picture heavy. But we all love monster pictures, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

September Giveaway!

Win this monster!  
Contest open worldwide and includes free shipping!  All entries verified.  Ends September 8, 2012.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Peek at the Geek....

I have had a couple of messages asking about what my "studio" looks like, so here is a peek!  Plus some past crafts I've done for my family and myself.

Well there it is.  The "studio".  HA!  Really it's just part of the dining room, which is really the kitchen (eat-in kitchen... I say whatever to that.  It's just a big kitchen, saying there is a dining room here is trickery).  You see, we moved here when we were a family of three... and then came the twins.  So, with it being only a two bedroom apartment, here is my office and all the poor kids are in one room.  Thank heaven their room is just as big as the master, and all their beds fit no problem. Oh, and see my pink computer? My husband custom built it for me! :)  Way cheaper than buying a pre built system and ... it's pink!

With a space this small, organization is key.  Everything in my area (besides craft supplies and some decoration) was originally used for something else or is being repurposed.  My second desk used to be my husband's computer desk a few years ago before he needed an upgrade.  

If it's a good sized small box, I take it for storage.  If it's a glass jar, I use it for my safety eyes.  I have been collecting butter and cream cheese containers when they are empty so I can decorate them later and label them for separating safety eye sizes.  The plan is to take an old cookie sheet, paint it, attach magnets to the bottom of the plastic containers and voila!  Hang the cookie sheet and I have awesome eye storage.  But that  is still a work in progress.

I had to take some shelving we bought originally for my closet and my old locker shelf from high school to add some accessable storage.  Works pretty well, for now.  I got those cork board for less than $10 at Target for a set of four! They come in useful, and were worth the investment.

I always look for things on clearance, as well.  Crafting and working a business on a one-salary family of five... not so easy.  So cutting prices where I can is essential.  I found this file folder, which is actually a hard cloth covered bag that came with 20 folders, on clearance at Wal-Mart for a few dollars.  It's excellent for felt storage.  Any small scraps of felt I always store in a big gallon sized baggy instead of throwing away, so I won't have to cut into an entire sheet later if I just need a small piece. Why was this on clearance?  A tiny tear by one of the handles in the fabric.  Really?  Drop of hot glue, good as new, and I save a ton of money.

The one thing that is a pain is my fabric storage.  Hello, big tub of fur. Finding storage for this is a work in progress, and this works for now.  The tub fits snugly under my desk, and the fabric is accessable, and kept away from dust.

Something else odd you may have noticed is this little conundrum.  Anyone know what it is?  It's a home made lightbox!  Just take a fairly large cardboard box, cut windows in three of the sides and remove the flaps completely from the top.  Tape wax paper or white tissue paper over the windows, add fabric in the background and floor, and shine lamps through the windows! You get professional looking pictures, without paying $50-75 for a real lightbox.  I got the fabric on clearance, the box came from a shipment of fabric or computer parts from my husband (I can't remember which, but it doesn't matter), and the wax paper was just from the roll from the kitchen.  My lightbox cost about $2.50 to make!  Plus, the fabric can be changed out. May look bad from far away, but the pictures are all that matters.

A close up of my computer area.  My husband got me the murloc mousepad for Christmas last year!  Also, you can see all my hoops in progress, and my toy collection.  I made the Yoshi egg out of a wooden egg and acrylic paint.  There is also a tiny Batman lunchbox and my windrider cub, and my collectable Sylvannas.  If you play World of Warcraft, you know what I'm talking about here.  You can also see my two lamps I use for my lightbox.  Five dollars a piece at Wal-Mart, and lamps are always useful for other things.  

Under my mousepad is my drawing tablet.  My husband found it on Newegg, open box refurbished for $20. Does everything I need it to.  I can sketch on the tablet and it goes into a drawing program on the computer. Handy.

We had to sacrifice the back door functioning in order to give me enough space to have a drawing and sewing area as well.  At least I get a window by my desk!  You can see my poor stuffed Yoshi has been uncerimoniously thrown on the baker's rack in the corner with all the baby food.  That rack is full of formula at the beginning of every month, and just about empty at the end of the month.  Twins eat a LOT of formula!  But the cans are reusable for other things.  If you have babies that eat rice, don't buy the cans of rice! Just pour the cheaper boxes of rice into an empty formula can. Ta-da!  Your own can of rice! And just save a formula scoop to go with it, for easy measuring.

My beautiful window decor!  I have a thing about Yoshi eggs.  They are just cute.  I also have a floating teeny yoshi egg in a one inch glass bottle I made, along with a tiny ocarina in another bottle beside it.

And just a few awesome things I have done in the past year or so...

I used to crochet a lot more, but since I moved on to sewing and hoopla I haven't had much time for it.  But this guy is still hanging around, my Chef Kirby.  He is gaurding Hermione's wand!

I also made him a huge counterpart, if you can see him buried under all my kid's toys.  That kirby is about two feet tall.  The name on the wall was simple to make.  Just buttons on white wooden letters attached with hot glue!

One last question I have gotten more than once is "what is that tattoo on your arm?"  I guess its slightly visible in my youtube video where I'm making the three baby monsters.  Well... I warned you I was a geek.

The answer: The crest of Hyrule.  I love Zelda games, way way too much.

Until next time! I have two new monsters in the works, got to get sewing!