Monday, September 3, 2012

Kickstarter Update

Hooray! I made my stretch goal for the geekyGAMERgirl Kickstarter project! I am compiling a list of names for the blog and Facebook thank you list, and will be posting that shortly. Currently I'm trying to gather backer surveys so I can fulfill their reward orders and make tons of plushies in the next few weeks, after my funds are released from Amazon. I've been busy taking a few days off from the shop to do some personal things, such as prepare for my son's second birthday (which is the 12th), and complete a couple of personal craft swap projects through There was an organized Monster Swap... I had to participate. It was fate! Pictures from that will be posted once I get everything in the mail to my partner on Wednesday. Also, you may have noticed a difference in the geekyGAMERgirl designs on the blog, FB, Youtube, ect. I'm mid-redesign. Please bear with me as I get a hang of Photoshop! I have a couple of other graphics to update, and it may be mismatched for a couple of days as I get my ducks in a row. Don't forget to enter in this month's giveaway if you haven't already! Remember, all entries are verified! I'll be back to monster making tomorrow, and next blog will probably be picture heavy. But we all love monster pictures, so stay tuned!

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