Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Small Vacation, and Various Projects

Well as you all have probably noticed, I've been taking a mini vacation this week. Nothing new up in the store, and not much blog-wise either. This is because it's my son's second birthday this week, and I am really busy doing party prep for this weekend. He wanted a pikachu and mario themed party... that's my boy!

 I have been working on a custom order and a couple new patterns, as well as making some plushes for my December show (some vacation, right?). I finished my monster swap as well! My partner liked the Bride of Frankenstein, so I had to make her a doll.

I'm planning on adding dolls to the shop, I have a couple designs in the works.  But they are very labor intense and time consuming, so just a few.

The Kickstarter thank you's have been up about a week now!  Find your name on the list if you haven't already and you participated in "Plush Monster Mania".

I have noticed that many people, (mainly the ones who inquire about custom orders), are interested in animal plushes as well, just with a geekyGAMERgirl style twist.  (Wasn't aware I had a style, but someone told me it's eccentric and unique...)  So I am beginning pattern design on a few animals.  I will add a separate section to the store for these guys when I have some patterns ready and plushes made.

And here are some of the first plushes I have made for my December show!  Whales!  I will post one or two in the shop in the new plush section when I have about 10 made for my show stockpile. There are two without the mouth and fins attached, and one with in the photos.  Not great pictures, but it was about 1 AM. You can also see my new sewing cabinet with machine (THANK YOU KICKSTARTER!).  It's used... but it was a $700 machine new and can do anything I want it to and came with a serger!  And replacement parts aren't hard to find.  I learned the ins and outs of it in about two days, which is pretty good seeing as I haven't ever had this high end of a machine before!  

If my show goes well in December, I may be able to get an embroidery machine, as well!  

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