Friday, July 27, 2012


Lately I have been working with a new character I want to turn plush!  ... the Foxtopus!

I think I have finally settled on a design that I like for him.

I think I'm going to add a few more legs, and a bit bigger ears.  Then, prototype plush done in felt, probably three or four times just to make changes in the pattern until I'm happy.  Then.. faux fur foxtopus plush!  I'm super excited about this one.

Also, I was being my internet troll self the other day and I ran across a site called  You can put a project on there (a creative project or invention.. things like that. No business startups unless its for a new product or tuition begging or anything...) and try to convince people to fund it.  A number of people have gotten their plush designs funded for material to make them, so I may give it a whirl.

It's a great site.  Pretty much you pitch your idea, and offer rewards for amounts people pledge.  Say, if you pledge over $5, you get a keychain or something similarly cheap.  If you pledge over $15 you get a slightly larger reward, and so on.  You choose the amounts for rewards, and you have to provide the rewards as well.  But you just factor the cost of rewards in the amount  you pitch for.  Amazon and take about 10% in fees... plus it's all or nothing funding. If you meet your goal (or over) you get the money.  If the goal isn't met you get nothing (but you're out nothing as well!).

Any way... Foxtopus coming soon! Check back for updates.

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