Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Birth of the Cloud Monster

Lately, I've been sewing my fingers off.  I love making completely handmade plushies, and I've gotten rather good (if I can say so myself).  This is the first time I've worked with faux fur, and I think I'm in love.

Thus is birthed, the Cloud Monster.  I have a feeling his species and I are going to get along great.  Apparently, they live in sky-caves and go birding, much like we go fishing.  Not to mention they are super cuddly and cute.  Making up all the different faces is a ton of fun.  It's great getting to see my sketches come alive in these little guys!  I sew felt pictures on the back of the larger ones to display their personality.  The babies have just plain backs, because they are still growing!

I created my pattern on cardboard (to save the pattern for multiple uses) and cut mirror images out of the faux fur for the two sides.

Designed his face in felt

and sewed him all together.  

Stuffed and fluffed!

The felt is easy to work with, and is one of my favorite fabric mediums.  It's great for a beginner if you want to start designing and making your own plushies.  You can literally draw on the felt, cut and backstitch it together if you don't know any other stitches.  The faux fur was a bit trickier, and it looked like I sheared a sheep in my living room when I was done cutting the pieces out.

I'm definitely going to make more of these.  I made about a dozen this past week and a half, and I still have about half a yard of gray faux fur in the old crafty closet that needs used up.

One of my little baby cloud monsters is already on it's way to it's new home in Ohio!  His new roomie named him Cosmo (cute!).  Yay for my Etsy's first sale! I think I'm going to send out the sketch page for each monster on his journey to his new home, so people can share in the creativity that birthed their new cloud buddy.

So long, Cosmo!

Gonna look into making a giveaway soon - stay posted!

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