Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nerd Bunny!

I've been seeing a ton of really cute felt plush animals lately, and have been dying to try my hand at it.  The kids were rather cooperative with bedtime tonight so I had time to make one!  He fits in rather well with my decor on top of my desktop, don't you think?  I'm naming him Professor Rabbity.

It was actually surprisingly easy to make.  He's entirely hand sewn and made of felt, poly-fil (stuffing), rice and DMC embroidery floss, with 6mm safety eyes.  The floss, poly-fil and felt can be picked up at any craft store, even Wal-Mart.  If your craft store doesn't carry safety eyes, you can purchase them at Glass Eyes Online.  They are the best price I have found anywhere, and I received my last order in two days, which is pretty impressive. I got about 50 pairs of eyes in assorted sizes from 6mm to 30mm for about twenty dollars.

I made my own pattern for the bunny and his glasses, and cut it out on the cardboard from a 12 pack of soda we had in the garage.  That way, I have a pattern for next time I need to make a bunny like Professor Rabbity, and I won't have to remeasure him ever again.  I simply cut the pattern out of the felt, then decorated his front before sewing him together.

I stitched a few mathematical equations and math problems on his body so he wouldn't look so plain. All the writing is done in a simple back stitch. I added the safety eyes and sewed on his glasses, then stitch him together with the outside facing in. I left a two inch hole in his side, flipped him inside out so the seams were hidden, and stuffed him up! I boxed out the bottom of the bunny and filled it with rice so it would be weighed down and stand up.

Overall, I'm really pleased with him and he's even stable enough where I'd let my two year old play with him (with supervision of course).  This bunny's ears were pretty difficult to push through when I was flipping him inside out, though... so the next bunny is going to need a bit thicker ears.

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