Friday, August 17, 2012

geekyGAMERgirl Kickstarter

It's live!  The geekyGAMERgirl Kickstarter!  The goal is $500 to obtain a sewing machine and stock up on materials (so I don't have to save up for three months just to put new items in the shop!).  Even $1.00 donations get a reward so spread the word!

Click here to view the geekyGAMERgirl Kickstarter!

Also!  I officially applied to become a business and become self-employed yesterday (hooray!).  I had to to begin selling at craft shows!  It feels so official and completely awesome to say "I'm self-employed".

This does, however, mean that sales tax will apply in Texas beginning October 1!

And just a moment of mommy bragging ... my youngest twin is rolling over now, too!  All of this has put me in  such a good mood that I'm going to be completely crazy and post the newest item in the shop for $6.00, plus  S&H of $3.00 for one week only!  After that it goes to the regular price of $8.00 plus $3.00 S&H.

Say hello to the Puff Monsters!

Also, I'm currently working on a Ultros plush commission.  He's a baddie from the Final Fantasy series.  I'm waiting on huge 60mm eyes for him so I can finish him up!  I'll be sure to post him when he's done... He's going to be gigantic. So far his legs alone are about 21 inches... so he'll be about 2.5 - 3 feet tall.

I'm also working on a "Surprise Monster" listing for the shop, which will be about $9 per monster.  I'm trying to keep things affordable for everyone because everyone deserves a monster friend! In this listing you will be able to get a monster from the "grab bag".  They will be 3 - 5 inch tall monsters such as this guy here!


There will be all sorts of monsters in this listing... some with legs, some with three eyes, maybe even some with wings!  Who knows?  Great for those who love surprises and hate choosing.  :)

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