Wednesday, August 8, 2012


The newest member of our little monster family: The Spyster.

I want to get better at my sphere sewing, so I'm trying to come up with patterns that utilize them.  I think he turned out pretty freaking cute.  He has six legs, with paw prints.  My son loves Blues Clues, and anything that has a paw print on it he goes insane over... so I had to do this little nod to him.

I video taped the entire sewing process, but I had to do it in several sittings over two days (watching three month old twins and a 22 month old is a bit distracting...).  We'll see if I can edit it into a passable time lapse.

Also!  A Kickstarter for geekyGAMERgirl should be up late this weekend, or early next week.  I'll post here  and keep everyone updated.  If you can't donate then spread the word!

I ordered a large batch of fabric earlier this week, so I should be cranking out tons of monsters by the end of the month. Woo!

Also - congratulations to Angela C. who won this month's giveaway!  She won a free customized baby cloud monster!  Didn't win?  I'll do another giveaway the first week of September.  Wonder what it'll be... ;)

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